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Meet the face
behind the posts

Hi I am Quincy! Content Creator and Streamer! Been a content creator for awhile now and absolutely LOVE IT!

I was born in London, England and as some of you might know I was born into a Circus family! So I travelled all around the world and grew up around so many different nationalities and cultures which to me is amazing and has shaped me into the person I am today! Sadly I left performing in Circus due to family drama (yes its true never work with family! LOL) and also had a accident on the flying trapeze that put me out of work for awhile! I then decided to do something crazy and I mean I have done a lot of CRAZY things in my life! Which was to rent an apartment and start my new career as a online entertainer! or whatever you wanna call it! Get to know me more personally on my Twitch live streams!!!

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