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I love playing games on streams especially with other content creators its fun to joke around and do funny accents! Always playing new games and reviewing new games. Catch me playing fun co op games or super chill games.

Just Dance

Playing Just Dance is hilarious viewers love to tip and watch me dance to funny songs especially in funny costumes like hot dog costume or my massive dinosaur one LOL

Cosy Streams

Now these are some my favorite streams to do is to get super cosy after a long stressful day and chat to my viewers about anyting while listening to some LoFi calming music.

Food Tasting

We love to cook and taste new foods! Catch me soon doing cooking streams.

Being Goofy

Now the best thing about being a streamer is just having a great laugh with my viewers if its about talking about non serious topics to my viewers making me dance around in a big blue blow up suit.

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